Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From the Archives: Jesse Bear (Weather Bear) printable

Mom is a little under the weather due to allergies here at Measured in Moments.  So, I hope you'll enjoy this post from the archives on our Jesse Bear printable that we have used in our rowing adventures with Before Five in a Row. 

Jesse Bear Weather Bear pic 2
I first made our Jesse Bear (Weather Bear) three years ago when Turtle (my youngest) was three years old.  I was teaching him about the weather and seasons when I created it.  I would ask my son “What clothing should our weather bear where outside today?”

Here is how we used our Weather Bear when my youngest was a toddler:

Tell child - “Let's see what the weather is like today!”
(Have your child look outside the window and tell you what the weather is like.)

Ask child – “Weather Bear is going out today. Can you help weather bear decide what to wear today? (Have your child go through Weather Bear's clothing. Pick and choose what he should wear).

Remind the child, “It's _______ today.” Should weather bear wear his ___________?”
This daily or weekly activity helps toddlers and preschoolers learn about what clothing we wear on certain weather days.

Jesse Bear Weather Bear pic 1
We used our bear last year when we rowed the book “Jesse Bear, What will you wear?” This year, we still use our Jesse Bear as part of our Morning Board (Calendar Math area) in our Homeschool Room.   

To download your copy, just Click HERE
Thumbnail Jesse Bear[6]

This five page printable comes with instructions and ideas on using your Jesse Bear as a weather bear with your child. Jesse Bear comes with several articles of clothing including shirts, pants, tank top, shorts, overalls, sneakers, rain coat and galoshes (rain shoes) with umbrella. pajamas, winter coat. mittens and boots.
Use Jesse Bear as a book activity with the book, “Jesse Bear, what will you wear?” or as a weather bear. Click HERE to download your Jesse Bear!

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