Friday, September 9, 2011

Week in Review: the house hunting edition and family

Our second and third week was a very light week of homeschooling. Between searching for a new home, making calls and visiting properties, we managed to only get a few days of school done during the last two weeks.      

Last month (August 22), the boys began working on their “All About Me” book and this month they continued working on them with our Family unit study.  

Here are the highlights of our homeschooling:

We continued our reading of the story of Creation (day 3) in Genesis 1:9-13.  We discussed the creation of land and oceans.  We read two poems: “At the Seaside” and “Poem of a Breton Fisherman.”  

Language Arts Since we have not started our Before Five in a row curriculum with my youngest due to our upcoming move (which has been moved up to the end of this month) we began a unit on Families.  We read several books including:
“Who’s who in my family” by Loreen Leedy 
“Me and my Family Tree” by Joan Sweeney 
“Celebrating Families” by Rosemarie Hausherr

We ended this week by reading two books about Grandparents in honor of Grandparents day this coming Sunday which were:
”When you visit Grandma & Grandpa” by Anne Bowen
Grandparents are the Greatest Because…” by Adele Aron Greenspun

We have been using our story wands after reading each of our books to ask questions about the story, characters, and setting.  The boys have enjoyed using the story wands and answering the questions orally and I think it has helped them with expressing their thoughts and opinions on the books we read.     

ETC word cards
Phonics and Penmanship We are using Explode the Code and Jolanthe’s idea (from Homeschool Creations) of the read, write, build mats.  I made our a set of word cards large for our pocket chart and small for my youngest to write the words as well as build them with his letter tiles.  We have also been using the sight word booklets from Hubbard’s Cupboard.

Health The boys learned about the food guide pyramid and I introduced the food groups to them.  We used the handouts and classroom materials provided at Chose my plate,gov/kids

I printed out food clipart from the Kizclub site so the boys could show me which foods belonged to each food group., We read about eating good foods in our Abeka Health,  Safety and Manners book and we discussed what makes a good breakfast.

Life Skills This week we worked on setting the table and Table Manners. It was not easy for the boys to remember what they should and should not do at the dinner table but at least they tried.     

Seven ContinentsGeography We began our geography studies with landforms and introduced the seven continents.  We used our Wonder maps to create a map of the world to label the seven continents as well as the five oceans. We used our globe to locate the North Pole and South Pole.   
Salt Painting 1Salt Painting 2
Arts and Crafts
The boys did a salt painting of the ocean. We used page 58-59 from the Usborne Book of Art Ideas as a reference for creating our paintings.     

  Family Tree pic 02  Family Tree pic 03
For our Family unit study, the boys each made a “my family tree.”  I printed photos of my parents, my husband’s parents, a photo of me, my husband and the boys and cut them out. The boys glued each of the photos on the leaf template and them onto their family tree.    
Family Tree Godzilla boy
Pictured above, Godzilla Boy‘s Family Tree he put together for our Family Unit study.   

Family Tree Turtle
Pictured above. Turtle’s family tree he put together for our Family Unit study.   

My thoughts The last two weeks have been a busy for my husband and I, trying to find a home that had some of the items on our “wish list.”  We did not get the ideal location we wanted but we did get three bedrooms, indoor washer and dryer connections, a location near family and walking distance to most places.  What we lost was being near a public library, near our favorite parks,  our favorite places to shop, and nearby homeschool resources such as our homeschool playgroup/support group and local curriculum store.  
The things we’ll miss from our home are the friends we made, the perks of of being near wildlife (deer) and living by the Hardberger Park Conservancy.  What we will take with us are the memories that we experienced while living in our North side home.  I’ll remember that Godzilla boy (my oldest son) was just a toddler when we moved here and I remember his first nature walk collecting leaves with his Daddy.  I remember finding out we were expecting a second son and my husband’s smile as he told Godzilla boy the news.  My youngest son took his first steps in the living room and we sat together during homeschool watching the birds and squirrels in the trees.   

I have mixed feeling of sadness and gladness as the weeks approach towards our move (the end of this month instead of the end of October).  I can only hope that my children remember the years we spent here and the memories we shared.  I look forward to the new memories with my children in our new home.        

Resources used this week: - Make a word _at game on Star fall
- Hubbard’s cupboard sight word booklets
- Ed Family members unit
- Chose my plate and Food Guide pyramid from USDA 
- Kizclub printable food clipart 
- Wonder Maps by Bright Ideas Press.
-  The Teaching Resource Center’s Family tree template (PDF file)
Books we read

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