Friday, June 24, 2011

Science: Bean Sprouts

In May, the boys started growing bean sprouts when we did a garden unit study towards the end of the month.  The boys have been observing their bean sprouts since late May and have been documenting their growth.


At the end of  each week we take a photo of our bean sprouts and the boys write about them or draw a picture of them in their bean plant diary.  Above, you can see some of the bean sprouts after week one.

Bean-Spouts-week-2-2_thumb10  Bean-Spouts-week-3_thumb10
Pictured above to the left, are pinto bean sprouts after 10 days and on the right are the pinto bean sprouts after 21 days (three weeks).  The boys noticed as the bean sprout grew it began to discard the outer covering from the seed.  

Lima-Bean-Sprouts-week-2_thumb14Our Lima bean sprouts sprouted before the pinto beans after week two.  The boys noticed their stems were much thicker than those of the pinto bean sprouts.

We waited until the end of four weeks to transfer our sprouts to pots outdoors.  The boys have been checking on them every other day since we have been having very hot weather for the past month.  Hopefully our bean plants will survive the summer.


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