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Timberdoodle Review: Beginning Geography

I was overjoyed when we found out in February that we were accepted to be on Timber doodle's Blogger Review Panel. We were contacted by Timberdoodle to review a handful of Evan Moor titles from either the Daily Math Word Problems or the Daily Geography series, both of which are a staple in their Core Curriculum packages. We chose to review Beginning Geography from Evan Moor for grades K-2 for my sons to use.

Beginning Geography is a workbook that introduces early geography skills to young children. It’s based on the National Geography Standards and the 93 reproducible practice pages cover beginning map skills, landforms and bodies of water, continents and oceans and an introduction to animals around the world. This book includes two fold out maps to help children learn geography terms.

Book Beginning Geography The book is divided into four sections:
Section 1 - Map Skills
Section 2 - Landforms and Bodies of Water
Section 3 - Continents and Oceans
Section 4 - Around the World with Animals

Benefits to using this product:
- Multi-level for families with more than one child in grades Kindergarten to 2nd grade.
- Affordable reusable curriculum that can be passed on from student to student. (can also be used as a nonconsumble book) - Lessons can be completed independently or with teacher instructions with younger grades.

Our thoughts and opinions:
This book is wonderful for introducing basic skills my children need in learning about geography. The book covers everything your child needs to learn beginning geography skills that they can carry on when pursuing further study on Geography in upper grades. What is great is that you can expand on lessons by adding a reading list of books on oceans, continents and world animals. Still, the book is wonderful as a curriculum for your young child’s introduction to geography. With this book, my children learned how to read a map by using concepts that were age appropriate. I like that each lesson builds on skills previously learned in the book. During this month, my youngest learned map directions, places on a map and reading a map key.

Beginning Geography Map Skills 1
My youngest son “Turtle” who is a preschooler, with my instructions was able to complete most of the first section on map skills. The book was a prefect fit for my youngest son who wanted to learn geography.

Beginning Geography page 21 
There are not many books are there for the younger grades and this book made the grade! Turtle enjoys the book so much that we have decided to use this book for his Geography studies this Fall when he begins Kindergarten level.

Beginning Geography page 18 
My oldest son “Godzilla boy” was able to use this book to reinforce geography skills he needed improvement on. He found out map skills that we had not covered before which was great!

Beginning Geography page 18 closeup

Beginning Geography page 102
The book kept his interest and his favorite sections in the book were: Continents and Oceans which covered facts about each continent and on Around the World with Animals which introduces animal life around the world. He loved the reproducible maps that included each continent’s animal and lists the animal’s habitat. My son noted that he only wished there was more to the last section in the book on Animals.

Beginning Geography page 100 - 101
We recommend this book to begin your children’s introduction to geography. This book is a part of Timberdoodle's Core Curriculum series! It’s reasonably priced at $10.95 and is available for purchase at the Timberdoodle site.

timberdoodle[4]To find out more about other products by Evan Moor. click HERE. While visiting Timberdoodle’s site, don’t forget to sign up to receive their free catalog! You can also find Timberdoodle on Facebook and on the Doodle Blog!

Legal Disclosure: As a member of Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

We've tried a small number of products from I "signed up" to be a reviewer as well recently. I'm hoping to hear from them soon! Looks like fun workbooks!

Raising a Happy Child said...

It sounds like a great book. I am just curious why you call it "nonconsumable" and reusable if it is basically worksheets?

SANDRA said...

That is a good question, I should have elaborated more on that. You can basically use a laminating sheet or sheet protector over each page and have the child write with a dry erase marker. I have seen other parents use workbooks this way so that they can reuse the book again with other students. We made copies of each page for the boys to use the book.

MaryAnne said...

I received this same book to review, and I agree it's an excellent resource!

SANDRA said...

We enjoyed using it. This is not our first ecperience using an Evan Moor product. Years ago, we purchased the Giant Science Resource Book: Grades 1-6 and use it often.