Friday, December 17, 2010

Decorating our tree with handmade ornaments

For years I have always wanted to put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving like some of my sisters and my mom do but that never happens in our home. My husband is from Indiana and his family always picked a tree in the woods and trimmed it on Christmas eve. My family growing up usually had ours up the first week in December.

We compromised by agreeing to decorate our tree after my oldest son’s and husband’s birthdays (which are in the first week in December, three days apart). We decorate our tree between December 10th and December 14th. It used to be officially December 14th but little by little I have been moving the date up as the years go by and this year We had ours up by December 8th. I let Hubby think it was his idea. So mums the word, okay?

I can remember our first tree as a family was a gift when our son was born prematurely. My older sister “T” gave me a potted Norfolk pine decorated with baby items and when it got closer to Christmas, I decorated it with small ornaments. We had our living Christmas tree up until last year when it did not survive the winter. It meant a lot to me and my family and we are grateful for all those years we had it.

Christmas tree pic A Dec 2010
We have a 6 foot artificial tree that we have used for over 10 years. Most of our ornaments are hand made. Some passed down from my mother and some I have gotten through holiday ornament exchanges that I hosted in my home with my siblings. We used to do cookies but in recent years, we opted for ornaments.

Fabric Wreath
I have a favorite wreath ornament made with fabric that my great Aunt Lucy gave to me. She and Great Aunt Angelina and Grandma Josie used to make quilts. I can remember sitting and watching them make each patch. The remnants were saved to make Christmas ornaments. I used some of the material they gave me to make mine. They have all three passed on but when I look at my fabric ornaments I am reminded of them and the years I spent Christmas eve in their home.

Making ornaments is something I enjoy doing and really enjoy making ornaments with my children. I delight in their hand made ornaments and each year as I look at the ornaments, they are a reminder of cherished moments with my sons. Sometimes, we end up giving our handmade ornaments as gifts to my mom and sisters for their trees. I supposed we would have a fully decorated tree if we kept every ornament we made, but we take joy in sharing because of Christ.

Snowflake Cd ornament
This year we did not make as many decorations as we did last year but we did make several ornaments to hang on our tree and outdoors. We made snowflake CD ornaments that just looked beautiful on the tree reflecting the lights through them. We also made some peppermint candy ornaments.

Peppermint Candy Ornament

We are enjoying the season of Advent and the boys are counting the days towards Christmas.

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welcome to our wonderland said...

those look great and your tree is so pretty I love homemade ornaments over store bought.

phasejumper said...

I'm from Indiana, too! I love the cd peppermints!

Jolanthe said...

What a great idea to exchange ornaments with your family. :) Thanks for joining up with us and sharing your tree!