Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art Caddy and some fabulous finds

We have seen during the last two months some bloggers display their handmade art caddies on their blogs. I had been meaning to find materials to make with the boys but when we saw these adorable plastic ones at Target, we could not pass them up, They were $2.50 each and made of sturdy plastic. We found ours in the Target dollar section so we bought two, one for each son.

While there, we looked for the World Landmark flashcards for $1.00 that my good friend Natalie @ Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns mentioned in her post, “Geography Track: Landmarks.” The cards have beautiful photos of world landmarks and each card has a map outline of its location as well as some background information on them.

We picked up some another pack to add to our geography studies called Flags of the World flashcards, These 36 flash cards display over 197 flags representing the sovereign nations of the world. We picked up two packs of the world flags.

The boys found a great set of Insect flash cards that we can use also for a dollar. It was the last set they had in the store. These 36 flashcards have great close up photos of each insects as well as background information on them: from size, color, habitat, diet, life cycle, and how to safe safe from some of the dangers of these insects. The boys love these cards! They viewed them all afternoon and we talked about each insect. They will be good to use as field guide cards to identify insects we come across during our outdoor nature studies.

Also worth noting were these packages of math counters that we picked up for my youngest to use with his ADD IT math game that we printed from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She has some great printables! We plan on using the Add It math game as a workbox activity for Turtle (age 4) this year.

My youngest son did not hesitate to start filling up his art caddy with his markers, crayons. pencils and glue sticks as soon as we got home. He had fun drawing and spent the afternoon making artwork for everyone. In all we had a good time finding these great deals and look forward to using them in the coming weeks with our homeschool.

What fabulous finds have you come across?
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Ticia said...

I think we found the same ones. I also got a few good workbooks there, though most weren't quite what I wanted, there was one or two.

Terra said...

Don't you just love Target's dollar section?! Target is definitely my favorite place to shop. They have such great stuff. I've got to find those cards. I didn't see them the last time I was there. We may make a trip out there today.

butterfly wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

i just LOVE target dollar spot!:) you got some great buys :)

SANDRA said...

Thanks, I plan on going back to the store to see if there are any other sets of cards we can use this year or save for next year.