Tuesday, September 1, 2009

File Folder Games (you can make)

pictured above a teddy bear math file folder game I made for my son

For years as a homeschooler, I have tried to find fun ways to teach early math concepts as well as phonics. In my opinion, file folder games and pocket charts are great tools for teaching in addition to hands on learning activities.

Today, I'll talk about File Folder Games.If you can never made a file folder game, don't worry there are sites and books that can help. A folder game is an activity game made from laminated paper cutouts or cardstock and velcro placed into an ordinary file folder. What I enjoy about File folder games is that they are a great visual tool in helping young children and special needs children. You can make file folder games for Math, Phonics, and other subjects.

If you're new to making file folder games or have never made one before, C
rafty Chic has some ideas and materials to consider when making a file folder game.

Making your own educational games (article) from Suite 101

Some sites for free printables in making file folder games:

Bible File Folder games from Christian Preschool Printables

Postively Autism File Folder games

Homeschool Hut file folder games

Pratt's File folder games

Preschool Printables File folder games

Speech Therapy Activities -File folder games

Games for Memory Work, Drill, and Review

File folder game of opposites

Game patterns (PDF file)

Generic File folder games

Cardboard Cognition

File Folder Heaven

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    Amazing_Grace said...

    If anyone is interested in File Folder Games or other games that focus on religious subjects, here are the links to Yahoo Groups that have lots to choose from that are for all ages and grades, Catholic or Protestant.

    The Creative Kingdom- The mother group where you receive emails and updates.

    Old Creative Kingdom- File folder games pertaining to the Old Testament.

    New Creative Kingdom- File folder games pertaining to the New Testament.

    Other Creative Kingdom- File folder games that relate to other Christian subjects: Holidays, Church, Liturgy, Prayer, Rosary, Sacraments, Saints, Stations of the Cross, etc.

    Creative Kingdom of Games N More- Games and other materials that relate to Bible stories (Old & New Testament) or other Christian subjects. Games include: Bingo, Memory, Go Fish, Sequencing, Card Games, Can Games, etc.

    Creative Kingdom for Learning- This group makes and posts educational religious file folder games, crafts, worksheets, etc. The Christian educational materials will also include Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Language Arts, etc. with a Biblical focus.

    Raising a Happy Child said...

    Thank you for all the links! I have never tried to do a folder game before, but maybe I should put it on my list for September - just for personal fun. I bookmarked your post to return to it later.

    SANDRA said...

    Amazing Grace,
    Thank you for those links. I am looking into making Christian File folder games. We have made Bible lapbooks but I had not found good links for Bible File folder games until you shared these.

    SANDRA said...

    Found this one today
    Christian Printables and File Folder games from the blog Commotion from the Ocean of Life

    Mama Jenn said...

    Thanks for the links! We love file folder games and I LOVE the teddy bear game that you made. I will definitely have to add that to my "to-make" list!!!!!

    Amazing_Grace said...

    There are lots of Bible file folder games to choose from The Creative Kingdom Yahoo groups. I have over 100 posted there and I know Elaine has that many and more as well.

    I have also posted some of my Bible file folder games at my blog:


    Just go to the right side bar and scroll down to TOPICS, then click on GAMES.

    SANDRA said...

    Thank you so much! I will take a look at them.

    Nia said...

    You can find more free file folder games at www.filefolderfarm.com

    ...and bible file folder games at www.biblestoryprintables.com