Sunday, June 7, 2009

Book of the Week: RAINBOW FISH (Activities and Craft)

We read the book "Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister during our F is for Fish theme.
Book Summary:
The Rainbow Fish, with is shimmering scales, is the most beautiful fish in the ocean. But he is proud and vain and none of the other fish want to be his friend--until he learns to give away some of his most prized possessions.

Group Discussion:
We went over the importance of friendship with others, and made a list on the a dry easier board of qualities (what a good person should be) that a good person that friends have or should have.Group Activity:We listened to music and did fish like movements to the music.

We watched the DVD "Rainbow Fish: Dazzle the Dinosaur" that we borrowed from our public library. The DVD includes the story of Rainbow Fish based on the book that we read.

For Art and Crafts, we made Rainbow Fish. This is our our craft idea.(I have not seen it anywhere online) For this project, we worked together making it.

Materials used:
Paper Plates
Sharpie marker
tissue paper
Elmer's glue
tacky glue
Silver glitter
metallic gift bag for Shimmery scales
a cup of water and paint brush.

1. I drew a picture of Rainbow Fish (from looking at the book cover) onto a paper plate.

2. My oldest helped cut out oval shapes out of different colors of tissue paper. ( red, blue, purple and orange) For the shimmery scales of Rainbow Fish, we used a silver metallic gift bag I got at the Dollar tree.

3. Start gluing the tissue with watered down glue. We simply poured some Elmer's glue in a plastic cup and add a little water until the mixture is like a liquid consistency.

4. I had the boys help me glue the back of the fish's scales using the brush by first working your way forward to the front of the fish. (We used a brush because there is less likelihood the tissue will tear when applying). We applied tissue to face and fins with the same technique as the scales.

5. After it was dry, we added some wavy lines of glue to the fins and tail and sprinkled sliver glitter.
It looks like Rainbow Fish! What do you think?
Another Variation on making a Rainbow Fish can be found at
A to Z Teacher Stuff under the craft Wax Relief Fish. We may make this one in the future but for now we are enjoying our
Rainbow Fish that we made.
Here's a link to print out your own Rainbow Fish pages.
For more great ideas, visit
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Preschool Playbook said...

Rainbow Fish is the greatest.

SANDRA said...

Thanks. The boys helped me make it. We had to take our time and let some tissue scales dry before moving on. I am glad I found that metallic gift bag. We used only a little of the bag to make it so we have enough to make more Rainbow Fish. The boys want to have some hanging on their room.

Clemencia said...

My favorite blogs have been tagged and you are one of them, here in my blog

jennwa said...

Wow, that rainbow fish looks great.

Thanks for sharing with Friday Showcase !!!

Orange Juice said...

That looks so great!

Orange Juice said...


Gabriele said...

I discovered your blog on a link back to my site and I am in LOVE!! I love your Rainbow Fish and can't wait to read more of your blog!! :D

SANDRA said...

Thank you!

kyonde said...

This is really nice and I'm going to use it with my preschoolers.

SANDRA said...

You are welcome. I am glad that you found our book activity and craft. I hope that your preschoolers enjoy it.