Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prewriting Skills

What are the pre-writing skills?
They are hand skills that refer to the how well we can handle small objects in our hands. Our Hand skills depend on how we use the small muscles of our hands.

Pre-writing activities and hand strengthening activities
Here is some information about hand strengthening activities and pre-writing skills:

You can use the following activities

playdough, pushing stuff into playdough (coins, cookie cutters, cutting with knives/scissors).
hole punching
squeezing glue or paint tubes
water squirt guns, squirt toys
holding onto a rope while being pulled on a scooter
unwrapping gifts
tearing tape
peeling fruit/veggies
squeezing sponges/rags

walk along straight, curvy and diagonal lines without shoes
play hot potato
play hula hoop to reinforce concept of circle
walk around a square, round, circle, table blind folded
finger paint
draw in salt, oatmeal, paint, cornmeal, shaving cream, sand and play dough
water painting
stencil drawing
feely shapes made out of yarn, sand paper
obstacle course
drawing in the air

for Arm Strength
drawing above head level on chalkboard, mural, easel, use whole arm movement
large circular arm movement on vertical surface
cleaning cabinets, chairs, tables and helping move objects
stir and knead materials that are thick in consistency
wheelbarrows and push toys
shovels, digging
bear crawl
weighted balls
drumming activities

What is great about these lists is they are things we tend to do anyways and it is reassuring to know they are developing skills as well.

Here are some links that maybe helpful to you
Fun, Creative Pre-Writing Activities For Preschool Children
This site by The Sensory Processing Disorder Resource Center has some great ideas and they are not just for special needs.

Pre-Writing Skills for Children under Five
Games and activities designed by an occupational therapist to strengthen writing muscles and improve dexterity.

Fine Motor Exercises to Improve Skills for Handwriting

Pencil Grasp Guidance by AGAPE Learning Center - photos with descriptions show several good ("Functional") options for properly holding pencil, plus shows common "Immature" grasps that need changing.

For Moms of Left handed persons like my two boys
Teaching Left-Handers to Write
tips from the Handedness Research Institute

Left Hand Writing Skills by Robinswood Press
skills workbooks and CD-Rom

The Left Hand
left-handed products galore, including writing helps, lefty spiral notebooks, and a lefty mouse


J. Nalley said...

I love when you post about skills! I've recently come across your blog and have passed on the links about the pre-writing skills and scissor skills to the parents of the 2 and 3 year olds I teach. Great tips and reminders!

SANDRA said...

Thank you. I am glad to help. I enjoy helping others.