Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jesus loves the Little Children ( a Little Blessings Bible Lesson for Toddlers)

Bible Story time:
Jesus came to town
Matthew 19-13-15, Luke 8:1
To spread the word of God, Jesus traveled from town to town. There were no televisions, radios or newspapers to spread the news about God. So Jesus walked from town to town to tell everyone God is Good!

In one town as everyone was listening. some Mommies and Daddies brought their children to see Jesus. They wanted Jesus to hug their children and pray for them... )

Jesus’ friends thought Jesus had more important things to do.They told the parents to take the children away and not to bother Jesus. When Jesus saw what was going on, He told His friends to “Let the children come to Me and do NOT stop them!”

The children ran to Jesus. He took them into His arms and asked God to care for them. When Jesus told His friends to let the children come to Him, He was showing how much He cares for children.

Reinforcing the Story
Jesus loves the little children
Play a form of Red Light, Green Light to help the kids understand the story.
Bring a green piece of paper (for the green light) and a red piece of paper (for the red light).

Explain to the kids that they will tiptoe forward when they see the green sheet and tiptoe backwards when they see the red sheet. Share that children were going to Jesus (hold up a green light) when Jesus’ friends told them to go away (red light). Jesus saw this and asked them to come (green light). Play several times or take turns in letting kids hold up the sheets of paper.

Bible Song

Jesus Loves the Little Children
Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red and yellow, black and white
They are precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world.

Group Activity
Here is an activity I found online under Google Books:
Page 42 of the book
Tippy Towers and Boo Blankets: Bible play for Tiny Tots

Here We Go
SAY: In the Bible, Jesus moved from town to town, telling about God. Let's pretend we're with Jesus and we're going town to town. Have toddlers sit with you in one spot of the room.

Then SAY the following as you move from one spot to another in the room by doing these actions.

* Crawl - We need to use our hands and feet to get to next town.
* Hold hands with a partner - We need to go in pairs ton this next town.
* Walk - It's easy moving from this town to another.
* Hold hands as a large group -
We all need to stick together to go to this town.
* Tiptoe -
We need to be quiet as we go to this town.
* Run -
We need to get to this town really fast.

When Jesus went from town to town, he told people about God. Wherever Jesus went, he would say that God is good.

Move around the room again with the children. Stop at several places and SHOUT, "God is good!" Encourage the talking toddlers in your group to shout with you.

Jesus loves me Plate
Give each child a paper plate on which you have written their name at the bottom of it. Have the child draw a picture of themselves above the name and decorate their plate with crayons and markers. Punch a hole at the top of the plate and place a piece of string of yarn to hang on the wall.

Snack time
Kid Cookies
Items Needed: Sugar cookie dough (Pillsbury works great), Gingerbread boy shape cookie cutter, egg whites, food coloring, sprinkles, and clean/new paint brushes.

Directions: Mix food coloring with an egg white. Let each child decorate their Kid shape cookie cutout with a paintbrush. Let them decorate their cookie with the food coloring mixture. Top off with sprinkles. Bake according to package directions (either using the church oven or a toaster oven that is constantly monitored by the teacher).

RESOURCE used for Group Activity "Here we Go"
Tippy Towers and Boo Blankets: Bible Play for Tiny Tots
God's love comes to life through games and adventures children will love as they crawl, coo, squeal and run through God's Word. With almost 100 easy games for children ages 6 months-6 years, this collection helps create a fun and nurturing environment in nurseries and preschool classrooms.

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